Living in Prague

Are you planning to start live your life in Prague? Do you need help? Bellow are some tips for you. 

1. Are you EU citizen? Does not matter when you are planning to stay in the Czech Republic more than 90 days. All information you need are on these websites - general informationstudy and research.

 !!Registering Entry - A foreigner older than 15 years is required within three working days from the arrival in the Czech Republic to report to the Alien Police Inspectorate the place of residence. Hotels fulfils this requirement for hotel guests.!!

2. Starting salaries of postdocs at the Charles University are typically 30,000 Kč (1100 €) per month (and in some cases salaries can be increased by grants). In comparison, the average salary in the Czech Republic is about 26,000 Kč (900 €) per month, and the average salary in Prague is about 32,500 Kč (1170 €) per month. Here are two links that provide information about the cost of living here (the costs of living in Prague are lower than in western European capital cities or in cities in USA) and a third link that compares the cost of living in Prague with that in Berlin - you can adjust the comparison to your home city). 

3. The take home pay for a postdoc is typically about 22 740 Kč per month. Part of the tax will cover your health and social insurance.

4. If you end up coming to Prague, it may be possible for you to arrange a student accommodation for at least a few months until you find an apartment. Single rooms cost from 2600 to 5000 Kč (100 - 200 €) per month. For more information visit official university webside.

Alternatively, you can search the accommodation at:

forStudents; SF; Erasmu; expats

A little bit more

Prague public transport

Welcome! When you arrive to the Czech Republic by bus, train or plane, you will need some money (you cannot pay with EUR (we are not in the euro zone) or USD). Usually it is possible to pay with a credit/debit card but still it is always good to have some Czech currency at least for public transportation. Single tickets (you can change lines or type of public transports as many times as you want; limitation by time) can be obtained from a ticket machine (accepts coins only) at the bus/train station or at the public transport stops or you can buy it at newspaper stand. Travel around Prague is quite easy (city public transport map).

Where to go for breakfast/lunch/dinner

Taste of Prague (tips not just about restaurants)

Potrefená husa (close to University) - czech cuisine

U Kroka (close to University) - czech cuisine

For some special ocasional I may recommend you these restaurants: V Zátiší (mix of czech and indian cuisine), Art Nouveau (situated in the northern area of the right wing of the Municipal House, which was built to represent magnificence of the Czech culture) or Vinograf (they currently has 692 wines on the menu and 33 wines by the glass)

Where to go for a beer

The czech beer is quite a famous thing. We, people of Czech, just love to go out for a few beers. There are more reasons for it. Firstly it is price (it is possible to find a pub where the price is lower than 1EUR). Secondly it is wide offer (nowadays is a boom of small traditional (reopen) breweries). Thirdly it is fun to go out with your are some nice place where to go.

Restaurace U Vejvodů is famous place but I will never understand why, maybe it is just not my cup of tea and you would love it. Price for beer - 39,90CZK (1,5 EUR)

BeerGeek Bar & Pivotéka has 32 taps! Staff is really nice and they will definitely help you to choose exactly what you like or want to try. My recommendation? Try more than one beer bud order the small one;) Price depends on your choice - cheapest from 28CZK (1EUR)

Illegal Beer (just on facebook and just in czech) is my favorite place. It is tiny pub, I hope still not so known,where you will feel comfortable. Usually you cant order same beer after week, because they are trying to change them a lot. Staff is really kind and allways help you with your choice. Price depends on your choice - cheapest from 28CZK (1EUR)

During summer is really popular to go outside to Riegrovy sady, Letná or Stromovka

Where to go for a movie

If you are not a fun of multiplex cinemas you can try Světozor (with awesome sweet-shop), Aero or BioOko (both have great bar and inside and outside sitting, seats in cinema are not numbered so don't forget to arrive in time;)

Budget flights

SkyscannerEasyJet; WizzAir

list of all airlines operating at Prague Airport and their destinations

Lots of tips at:

MyPrague and




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