Online Meetings Information

For organizing of webinars and other online meetings, our Faculty offers a Google Hangout Meet application.

(For large lectures (over 100 students) MS Teams must be used, supported by the University. Connect to using faculty email.)

Any employee or student of the Faculty can create (using the faculty email account) at a new Meet room or join a room created by others just by using its web address. 

To run the application, no special software is needed, only a web browser (Google Chrome recommended, Firefox might also work). A webcam is required if you want to share video, speakers or headphones if you wish to hear others. If you want to talk to others some microphone is needed - either on the webcam, or with the headphones, or completely standalone. Tablets or smartphones can also be used.

See the application guide in Czech (offered by the Faculty) or in English (from other sources) or the official Meet Help.

For troubleshooting Meet problems see

Especially the Powerpoint related instructions might be important for presenters - in short: Share your whole screen before launching a presentation in Play or Slide Show mode. If you are using more screens/monitors, start the Powerpoint Slide Show mode first and only then share in the Meet the screen on which is the full presentation shown. Use Alt-Tab (or Win-Tab) keyboard shortcut to switch between full screen applications (Powerpoint / Meet).

Presenting in PDF might be easier.

The addresses of Meet room for webinars (Google Meet or MS Teams):

Please "Sign in" (the link is in the top right corner of the Meet window) using your faculty email account  before "Joining" the meeting. If you are not signed in, somebody who already joined the room will have to let you in.


Alternative webinar rooms

Due to problems which appear sometimes with connection to the Google Meets rooms, the alternative free and very simple to use service can be used.

Here are the addresses of alternative webinar rooms (if the above Google Meet rooms do not work, each teacher has its own room for lectures):





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