Our current research activities are pursued in the following projects:

1. C-C Cleavage Reactions in Strained Systems

Application of transition metal catalyzed activation of the C-C bond in biphenylene and related compounds in syntheses of regioselectively substituted aromatic and heteroaromatic compounds such phenantherenes, phenanthridines, picenes, etc. 


2. Cyclotrimerizations of Alkynes and Nitriles: Synthesis of Aromatic and Heteroaromatic Compounds

a) Synthesis of polyaromatic compound such as fluorenes, spirobifluorenes and other compounds with extended pi-systems.





b) Synthesis of pyridines and other heterocycles ( development of new approach to bipyridines and other polypyridines as ligands for transition metals).


3. Development of New Organocatalysts and Their Application in Enantioselective Reactions and Synthesis of Natural Compounds

Synthesis of axially chiral N,N'-dioxides as Lewis bases and their application in enantioselective synthesis of natural and biologically active compounds.


4. Application of OrganozirconiumCompounds in Organic Synthesis

Development of new synthetic approaches based on the use of zirconocenes to natural compounds possessing condensed 5-7 and 5-8-membered rings. The main aim to apply this methoidlogy for synthesis of sesquiteprenoids such asteriscanolide and others. 


5. Other Transition Metal Catalyzed Reactions

Synthesis of substituted cyclopentadienes by using selective carbometallations of alkynes.



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